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Title:Men's wear fashion illustration resource book
Subtitle:Men's figure drawing templates with fashion design sketches (pencil drawing techniques)
Page count:184 pages
Trim Size:8.5" x 0" (11cm x 27.94cm)
Color:Black & White on White paper
Paper/material:White paper
Publisher:Art Design Project, Inc.
Publication date:2017-06-02

Men's fashion illustration is a neglected subject. Most of the books on fashion illustration are focusing on women's wear. Can we change it? Let us try. This book is a unique resource for menswear designers, fashion illustrators and fashion professionals engaged with men's fashion market.

What makes this book unique?

  • Figure drawing templates of the male figure. All templates are styled and designed for fashion illustration. There is no other book on the market with so many different poses for men's fashion figure.
  • Step by step visual guide for fashion drawing. There is no other book which shows you not only completed drawings but also the steps of the process from the concept to completion. Sketches and illustrations in this book show how apparel fits the body, how it looks in different poses and movements. This book includes raw sketches, showing specific details of sketching.
  • The broad range of garment types and styles. There are multiple types of garment depicted in this book: the book is not limited only by formal wear or athletic wear. It is an extended collection of different looks in different styles.
  • Selection of relevant men's wear terminology. The book is saturated with useful terms and definitions. All visuals are annotated with types of apparel, names of garment elements and accessories. Clearly depicted visuals combined with written terms make this book an excellent reference for fashion professionals and students.

What is in the book?

  • Templates: men's figures, faces and hair styles
    • still standing figures
    • front and back views
    • three-quarter views
    • faces and hairstyles
  • How to draw different types of men's wear: step by step process of drawing menswear on the croquis.
    • How to draw men's t-shirt
    • How to draw men's dress shirt
    • How to draw men's casual jacket
    • How to draw men's boxy jacket
    • How to draw men's sweaters
    • How to draw men's shorts
    • How to draw men's hats
      • Mix and match bottoms and tops for men's wear projects.
      • Step by step fashion illustration process: how to illustrated completed look. Gallery of men's wear fashion drawing projects.
      • Resources for drawing men's fashion accessories. Hats, neckwear and shoes. Visuals and terms.
      • Gallery of garment details relevant to men's wear. Visuals and terms.
      • Gallery of sketches. A collection of sketched men's wear ideas. Different looks different style sketched to illustrate how versatile menswear fashion is
  • It is a unique book, created by professionals for professionals. Book saves time and makes challenge of men's wear fashion illustration doable

Who should use this book?

  • Independent men's wear designers or small business professional working for the menswear market. Drawing fashion ideas for menswear market is easier and more consistent with this book.
  • Professionals in the field of fashion design, apparel technical design and garment product development for menswear. Draw accurate menswear fashion illustration with this book.
  • Fashion merchandising professionals interested in menswear. Use the book as a reference for garment elements terms and a glossary of menswear garment types.
  • Students who study fashion design, patternmaking and fashion merchandising. With this book, a student's project can reach a level of professional competency.

Who created this book?

Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and professional visual artist. Irina is the author of the Children's Wear Fashion Illustration Resource Book and How To Draw Fashion Flats books. With this book, you can draw menswear fashion, fast, with style and confidence.

Professional visual artist and illustrator Irina V.Ivanova is a fashion designer by training, experience and passion.

Irina's previous publications include two figure drawing template books for fashion illustration: "Figure Drawing Templates Set 1: Standard Woman's Figure" and "Figure Drawing Templates Set 2: Standard Man's Figure."

Irina's third book benefits from her practical experience as a fashion designer, from her mastery in visual arts, as well as from years of her teaching college level fashion design courses.

When not creating her books Irina is working on her visual art projects by painting and drawing in her Hallandale Beach, Florida art studio.

Drawing children’s fashion illustration becomes fun and accurate when using Children's Wear Fashion Illustration resource book by Irina V. Ivanova

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