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Men's figure drawing templates with fashion design sketches (pencil drawing techniques)

Men's wearFashion Illustration resoursebook

Figure drawing templates with fashion design ckethes

(pencil drawing techniques)

Front cover
  • 18 men's fashion figure templates
  • Main steps of the sketching process
  • Basic garment details terminology
  • Selected accessories and hairstyles
  • Main garment elements illustrated

Draw men's wear projects with easiness, accuracy, and confidence using this one of a kind book. The "Men's wear fashion illustration resource the book" is a comprehensive, practical resource for fashion illustration. Book includes figure drawing templates and pencil fashion design sketches.

Back cover


Men's fashion illustration is a neglected subject. Most of the books on fashion illustration are focusing on women's wear. Can we change it? Let us try. This book is a unique resource for menswear designers, fashion illustrators and fashion professionals engaged with men's fashion market.

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Who created this book?

Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and professional visual artist. Irina is the author of the Children's Wear Fashion Illustration Resource Book and How To Draw Fashion Flats books. With this book, you can draw menswear fashion, fast, with style and confidence.