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Table of contents for the book "Men's figure drawing templates with fashion design sketches (pencil drawing techniques)":

  1. About the book (Pages 8-9)

  2. Chapter 1. The men's figure drawing resources for fashion illustration (Pages 11-35)

    The men's figure drawing templates.12
    All templates at glance.30
    Gallery of hairstyles.32
  3. Chapter 2. How to draw men's wear (Pages 37-57)

    How to draw a basic T-shirt38
    How to draw a dress shirt.40
    How to draw a casual jacket.42
    How to draw a boxy jacket.44
    How to draw a sweater.46
    How to draw low waisted shorts.50
    How to draw high waisted shorts. 52
    How to draw shorts with natural waist level.54
    How to draw a hat on a head.56
  4. Chapter 3. Mix and match men's wear bottoms and tops (Pages 59-85)

    Slim fitted pants.60
    Fitted straight leg pants.62
    Baggy pants65
    Loose hips and slim fit ankle pants.66
    Low rise pants.68
    Galife (jodhpurs) pants.70
    Bell bottom pants.71
    Activewear Tops.72
    Ski jackets.74
    Jackets and shirts.76
    Oversized cable knit tops.82
  5. Chapter 4 Gallery of step by step fashion illustration projects for men's wear (Pages 87-131)

    Project #1. Layered outfit with a single breasted vest88
    Project #2. Layered look with a double-breasted vest90
    Project #3. Layering vest with shirts92
    Project #4. Layered look with a long tailored jacket94
    Project #5. Layered look with a tailored coat96
    Project #6. Layering knits with a quilted vest98
    Project #7. Layered look with two vests and polo shirt100
    Project #8. Layered outfit with vest and crewneck sweatshirt102
    Project #9. Layered look with a cropped hooded jacket and walking shorts104
    Project #10. Baker jacket with knitted scarf and hat106
    Project #11. Layered look with a back view hood108
    Project #12. Layered look with cropped jacket110
    Project #13. A roomy long coat with exaggerated details and heavy topstitching112
    Project #14. Look with a long tailored coat114
    Project #15. Layered look with a belt bag and vest116
    Project #16. Layered look with a hooded vest and long coat118
    Project #17. Smock shirt with suspenders120
    Project #18. Relaxed look with a long hooded122
    Project #19. Outfit with a heavy cable knit sweater124
    Project #20. Outfit with a cable raglan knit sweater 126
    Project #21. Look with a cable knit sweater128
    Project #22. Look with a full-fashioned raglan130
  6. Chapter 5. Men's wear fashion accessories. (Pages 133-145)

    Hat styles.134
    Neckwear. 140
    Gallery of shoes.142
  7. Chapter 6. Garment details for men's wear (Pages 147-159)

    Necklines and collars.148
    Fly front closure for pants.155
    Pants hemlines.158
    Cuffs and plackets.159
  8. Chapter 7. Gallery of sketches for men's wear. (Pages 161-171)

  9. About the author (Pages 172-175)

  10. Index (Pages 176-178)