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Step by step fashion drawing womenswear

Step by step fashion drawing

Fashion sketches, illustrations, and flats

8 womenswear layered looks (pencil and marker techniques)

Front cover
  • 8 step by step fashion drawing projects
  • 200+ free hand illustrations and sketches for layered womenswear looks
  • Fashion flats sketches (pencil and marker drawing) for every projects
Back cover


This book is a collection of 8 womenswear projects illustrated with pencil and marker.  In the book, each look has shown layer by layer, step by step.

Use this book to learn how

Book is very visual by design and contains a minimum of text: only essential captions. Book is not a textbook or manual. It does not teach you “how to draw” however you can advance your skills by following the step by step drawing process using the book as a tutorial. Please note that there are no figure templates in the book.

All drawings in the book were illustrated with a simple pencil. Sketch illustrations show the original roughness and spontaneity. This "sketchbook" style is instructive and visual. In every illustration, you can see traces of the creative process.

All illustrations and sketches supplemented with matching technical drawings (fashion flat sketches) for each outfit."

Step by step process" concept reinforcing instructional value the book.

More than 200 hand-drawn illustrations and sketches in the book to illustrate every step and every layer. It is a unique book, created by professionals for professionals.

Book is practical, visual and makes the complexity of fashion drawing process easier to comprehend.

This book is the eBook format (print replica) of the paperback edition. ISBN-13: 978-0984356058

All pages in the eBook match paperback edition. Consider purchasing the paperback edition in addition to the book version