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Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates

Fashion design sketchbook. Photoshoot Poses

Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates

Front cover
  • 7 fashion figures of the same style
  • single (one per page) figures as well as group arrangements (in groups of two and three figures)
  • light grey color for easy sketching over the figures
  • front, back, side and 3/4 views included
  • photoshoot style poses and movement
Back cover


Illustrate your fashion project with sharp, dynamic, and stylish sketches.

Use photoshoot style poses female templates to add sketches to your portfolio; presentation or to illustrate your fashion design idea in a more artistic way.

All figures stylized in an expressive movement to emphasize the mood of your collection. Dramatic but elegant poses allow you to show your project with artistry and style.

What is in the sketchbook?

How to use this sketchbook?

Who should use this sketchbook?

A fashion presentation or portfolio will be more creative, inspirational and impressive with professionally styled models depicted in the Fashion Design sketchbook: photoshoot poses