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Minimalist Fashion Portfolio Sketchbook

Minimalist Fashion Portfolio Sketchbook

Abstract figure drawing templates. Style "Alina"

Front cover
  • six abstract in minimalist style fashion figures for sketching
  • single (one per page) figures as well as groups of two figures per page
  • torso fashion templates: for details and ideas for tops
  • groups of multiple croquis figures: portfolio style page layouts
  • selection of different scale and size of templates
  • all templates are printed in a gray color
  • three-quarter, front, back, and side views included
  • mild movement and still poses
Back cover


Do not settle on ordinary: experiment with avant-garde style croquis!

Emphasize the essence of your design idea by using sharp and daring figure templates.

The less attention to a figure, the more attention to the design.

The minimalist style croquis sketchbook equips youwith a croquis that allows you to conceptualize your designs andpresent your idea with great visual impact and memorable impression.

Minimalist Fashion Portfolio Sketchbook: Abstract figure drawing templates. style "Alina."

Fashion Portfolio Sketchbook designed to help you with developing ideas for separate looks and to organize looks in a collection

What is in the sketchbook?

How to use this sketchbook?

Who should use this sketchbook?

Style Alina is a fashion concept model designed for sharp and innovative fashion presentations and fashion portfolios.

Minimalist Fashion Portfolio Sketchbook: Abstract figure drawing templates. Style "Alina" is a part of the Fashion Croquis sketchbook series by Irina V. Ivanova.

Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer, educator, visual artist, and illustrator author of the Fashion Croquis Book and Sketchbooks series.