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Fashion Design Sketchbook

Fashion Design Sketchbook 1

Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates 1

9 heads full figure

Front cover
  • nine fashion figures of the same style
  • single (one per page) figures as well as group arrangements (in groups of two and three figures)
  • light grey color for easy sketching over the figures
  • three-quarter, back, and side views included
  • mild movement and still poses
Back cover


Excited to start your women's wear design project and willing to skip tedious figure drawing routine?

Here is your solution: a figure sketchbook with all figures professionally designed, preprinted, ready for sketching and shaped for women's wear fashion projects.

What is in the sketchbook?

How to use this sketchbook?

Who should use this sketchbook?

Women's wear fashion design drawing is less stressful and more enjoyable with the Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates Sketchbook.