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Fashion Design Sketchbook 2

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Drawing of plus size female figure may involve some advanced proficiency in figure drawing. If even you are skillful in fashion drawing (which many of great fashion designers not) what if you simply have no time or desire to learn how to draw a female body with curves?

What if you, as many fashion designers, just too busy to study any special requirements for plus size figure drawing?

Here is your solution: a figure sketchbook with all figures professionally designed, preprinted, ready for sketching and shaped specifically for extended size fashion.

What is in the sketchbook?

How to use this sketchbook?

Who should use this sketchbook?

Fashion figure of extended size must be illustrated with elegance and style it deserves. This sketchbook should help

Are you designing for women's figure larger than average size? That's a great idea: just, please, remember that sketching a plus size design could be a challenge!