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Infant and Toddler Wear Sketchbook

Infant and Toddler Wear Sketchbook

Figure drawing templates for fashion design projects

Front cover
  • eighteen fashion figures of the same style for children 0-6 years old
  • single (one per page) figures as well as group arrangements (in groups of two figures)
  • light grey color for easy sketching over the figures
  • front, back, and side views included
  • mild movement and still poses
Back cover


Illustrate children’s wear project with style and accuracy without stress and mistakes! This sketchbook is a unique tool for children's wear designers: sketch in the book over preprinted grey scale children's figures.

This sketchbook will help you to complete your projects with superior results on a professional level. With the sketchbook, you save time and effort focusing on your designs, not on figure drawing routine.

If you have experience with children’s wear illustration, you know that every age group has specific proportions for children's figure. To illustrate your project correctly you, better be very precise with kid’s figure proportions when illustrating your project.  Professionally designed children figures collected in this book are accurate, stylish and printed lightly to allow you to illustrate your project your way using template merely as a helpful guide.

This book is a collection of figure drawing templates for the age group from 0 to 6 years old: infants, babies, and toddlers.     

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 Get superior professional results, be more productive and creative with figure drawing templates from the “Infant and Toddler Wear Sketchbook.”