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Womenswear Croquis. Female plus size figure

Womenswear Croquis. Female plus size figure



Drawing plus size female figure may involve some advanced proficiency in figure drawing. If even you are skillful in fashion drawing (which many great fashion designers not) what if you have no time or desire to learn how to draw a female body with curves?

What if you, as many fashion designers, just too busy to study any special requirements for plus size figure drawing? Here is your solution: a downloadable, printable PDF with two figures professionally designed, ready for sketching and explicitly shaped for extended size fashion.

Templates in this downloadable PDF are previously published as a part of Fashion Design Sketchbook 2. Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates ISBN: 978-1792695285

Printed sketchbook includes 4 additional templates (6 figures total). If you like your download consider purchasing the paperback sketchbook with complete collection of plus size female figure croquis


Overall you have 20 pages with printable templates ready for drawing. One cover page and one page with contents: 22 pages overall as one PDF file.

First and last pages are just for your information: you do not have to print them:

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