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Fashion Illustration Books For Fashion Professionals

Downloadable Croquis. Fashion figure drawing template. PDF file.


What is Fashion Croquis?

Fashion croquis is a figure drawing template for fashion illustration.

How to use fashion croquis?

Croquis can be used as a backdrop for fashion drawing. With the help of fashion croquis, you can create your sketch without focusing on figure drawing and concentrate your creative efforts on fashion design.

What is the advantage of digitally delivered croquis?

What type of fashion croquis is available at www.fashioncroquis.com?

Currently, we offer women's, men's and children's fashion croquis on our website. We are adding new croquis regularly, and we recommend to stay informed by signing to updates.

Why buy fashion croquis from www.fashioncroquis.com?

Main reason is the quality of drawing: croquis at www.fashioncroquis.com created by visual artist /fashion designer and fashion illustrator Irina V. Ivanova. She is the author of books of fashion illustration and expert on fashion croquis. Irina V. Ivanova creates fashion croquis in different formats since 2009.

Check out free croquis available on the web before you buy from www.fashioncroquis.com. Our croquis is for those who see the difference. The croquis by Irina V. Ivanova is a professional product created by professional for professionals. Croquis is very helpful for any beginner or an enthusiast but it is (unlike most of free croquis on the web) crafted with all fashion industry level standards.

Ask us any questions. We will do our best to answer as soon as we can and as detailed as we can.