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Womenswear Croquis. Female figure. 9 heads tall

Womenswear Croquis. Female figure. 9 heads tall



Excited to start your women's wear design project and willing to skip tedious figure drawing routine?

Here is your solution: a downloadable, printable figure templates with figures professionally designed, ready for print, ready for sketching and shaped for women's wear fashion projects. 9 Head tall female figure classic proportions for fashion illustration.

Templates in this downloadable PDF are previously published as a part of Fashion Design Sketchbook. Women's Wear Fashion Illustration Templates. ISBN-13: 978-1731229861

Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Resource Book. How to draw evening dresses and wedding gowns. ISBN-13: 978-0984356034


Overall you have 20 pages with printable templates ready for drawing. One cover page and one page with contents: 22 pages overall as one PDF file.

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